Outdoor Report

The District completed its final refunding of the 2007 open space referendum bonds, resulting in a cumulative taxpayer savings of over $90 per average household market value in Kendall County.  Thank you for supporting the conservation of our local natural resources! Over 1,700 acres have been acquired since 2007 to expand existing natural areas, and establish new forest preserve areas.

The Forest Foundation of Kendall County is hosting its first Native Plant Sale.  Over 200 native perennials, trees, and shrubs are available for online pre-orders.  Pre-order pickup will take place during the sale at Harris Forest Preserve on May 28 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Summer camp registration is in full swing, with camp spots still open for our popular nature camps at Hoover Forest Preserve, and equestrian camps at Ellis House and Equestrian Center.

Spring is in full bloom in your local forest preserves, with the woodland ephemeral wildflowers putting on a great show for the next two weeks of April.

Bird migration is well underway, and the District’s grounds and natural resources staff team have been working to clear the trail systems of downed trees and branches after the March heavy wind storms.

Spring is also tick season.  The District has placed informational posters for guarding against Lyme disease, encouraging all visitors to take safety precautions and to know the signs of early infection.  Kendall County Health Department continues to sample and monitor preserve areas for ticks, and has confirmed the presence of ticks carrying the bacterium causing Lyme disease in several preserve areas.

Kendall County has recently been included within the USDA quarantine zone for Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar), and will be taking steps to control the population in the Yorkville and Plano area in spring 2017.  Adult Gypsy moths and egg masses and appear in July and August.  The egg masses hatch in mid-May of the following year.  Additional information can be found online at the USDA, Forest Service, and University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service.